A rocky start

It has been 2 weeks since my getting started post and it’s safe to say my diet plans have got off to a rocky start.

Week 1 was a success simply because I managed to maintain my current weight. A New Years Eve party, family meal on New Years Day, the stresses of starting back at work all contributed to throwing my plans out the window!

I was determined to make week 2 a success and I am very happy to say it has been. This week I have lost 4.5lb. I now weigh 223.5lb and have a bmi of 40.8. My goal this year is to lose 1.5lb per week so even with my false start I am ahead of plan and feeling motivated!

I found an eye opening photo online that shows what 5lb of fat actually looks like… to put this in perspective 5lb is approximately the weight of a standard size red brick!


To help me stay on track and be aware of my eating habits I bought a nifty 90 day slimming world diet diary from Amazon.


The diary is A5 so slimline enough to fit in my bag but has sections to record your daily food, (free, speed and syns), water intake, fruit and vegetable intake, goals, weight graph and other motivational pages.

This week I may have been tempted by a few too many haribo sweets in the office, but this is what my food diary looks like in photos.

One thing I have learnt this week is that I struggle to eat the recommended 5 a day of fruit a vegetables. I have snacked on the miniature sweets and chocolates in the office but I think this is because it was in reach rather than I was hungry.

Next week I am going to try and incorporate more vegetables into my evening meals and substitute my morning porridge for fruit every other day. Hopefully I will still feel as full! Fruit juices are not great on the slimming world plan due to the high level of natural sugars so I will be avoiding these.


The NHS website gives some good advice on how to incorporate more fruit and vegetables into your diet http://www.nhs.uk/livewell/5aday/pages/5adayhome.aspx


My goals for week 3 are to drink more water and eat more fruit and vegetables. I anticipate a stressful week at work with deadlines but I need to find a healthy way to cope with work stress. I am going to research this as I have motivation, but what I will need to combat this is a coping mechanism that I reach for rather than comfort food.

Wish me luck!



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