A rocky start

It has been 2 weeks since my getting started post and it’s safe to say my diet plans have got off to a rocky start.

Week 1 was a success simply because I managed to maintain my current weight. A New Years Eve party, family meal on New Years Day, the stresses of starting back at work all contributed to throwing my plans out the window!

I was determined to make week 2 a success and I am very happy to say it has been. This week I have lost 4.5lb. I now weigh 223.5lb and have a bmi of 40.8. My goal this year is to lose 1.5lb per week so even with my false start I am ahead of plan and feeling motivated!

I found an eye opening photo online that shows what 5lb of fat actually looks like… to put this in perspective 5lb is approximately the weight of a standard size red brick!


To help me stay on track and be aware of my eating habits I bought a nifty 90 day slimming world diet diary from Amazon.


The diary is A5 so slimline enough to fit in my bag but has sections to record your daily food, (free, speed and syns), water intake, fruit and vegetable intake, goals, weight graph and other motivational pages.

This week I may have been tempted by a few too many haribo sweets in the office, but this is what my food diary looks like in photos.

One thing I have learnt this week is that I struggle to eat the recommended 5 a day of fruit a vegetables. I have snacked on the miniature sweets and chocolates in the office but I think this is because it was in reach rather than I was hungry.

Next week I am going to try and incorporate more vegetables into my evening meals and substitute my morning porridge for fruit every other day. Hopefully I will still feel as full! Fruit juices are not great on the slimming world plan due to the high level of natural sugars so I will be avoiding these.


The NHS website gives some good advice on how to incorporate more fruit and vegetables into your diet http://www.nhs.uk/livewell/5aday/pages/5adayhome.aspx


My goals for week 3 are to drink more water and eat more fruit and vegetables. I anticipate a stressful week at work with deadlines but I need to find a healthy way to cope with work stress. I am going to research this as I have motivation, but what I will need to combat this is a coping mechanism that I reach for rather than comfort food.

Wish me luck!



Getting started

It’s taken me  while to start this post. I’ve known what I wanted to say but, for me, getting started is the hardest part. 

My original purpose for this blog was to motivate myself with dieting, this is an area of my life that I have always felt is out of my control, so I think this should my first step in my journey to be the best version of myself.

Dieting is such a commercial term, what I really mean is a healthy lifestyle.

We are so concerned about weight, dress size and image that it is easy to lose sight of what is actually important. The image I have of this perfect me is thin, and I can’t pretend that I don’t envy and desire a typical celebrity figure, but what is important is how this is achieved. 

I have done my fair share of yo-yo dieting and in the end it never works! Losing weight is a journey and then maintaining is a lifestyle.


 I currently weigh 228lb and my BMI is 41.7. A BMI of 30 or above is in the obese range and this means I have an increased chance of strokes, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. 

My health worries me. I lost my mum to cancer when she was only 46, this weighs heavily on my mind when I think about my lifestyle and the implications of being overweight.

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measure of whether a person is a healthy weight for their height. It allows for natural variations in a person’s shape by giving a range rather than specific weight or dress size. 

The NHS have a free simple to use app that easily calculates your BMI, allows you to track your weight and BMI movements and offers advice on living a healthy lifestyle.


A healthy BMI is in the range of 18.5 – 24.9, for my height 5’ 2” this is a weight range of 101lb – 136lb and means I need to lose 92lb! 

This is a daunting amount and something I really hope to achieve by June 2018. This is an important time for me, not only because I will be 32 in June 2018 but also because that is the summer I will be getting married. This moment will be one of the happiest times in my life and I am determined to not let my weight cast a shadow of self consciousness over the day.


My plan is simple, make the healthy choices. This means drinking more water, significantly cutting down on takeaways and naughty foods like cake and chocolate and being more active.

I have had success in the past with slimming world and it is a lifestyle educator rather than a diet but I struggled with the amount of cooking involved and a lack of help from my other half! This time he has agreed to be supportive and wants to lose a few pounds himself. I will be roping him to do some of the cooking, I will cook in batches and freeze and now the supermarket, Iceland, stock a wide range of slimming world meals that I can use on those “can’t be bothered cooking” nights! 

I aim to lose an average of 1 ½ lb per week, this is a realistic weekly target and ensures I meet my wedding goal!

At the end of the day, my weight and lifestyle are entirely in my control and nobody else can do this for me!

I’ll start again on Monday…

Image result for start on monday

Trust me when I say, I firmly fall into the “grown up” category, but there is some part of me that feels like I am a child playing at being an adult, appearing to myself as not quite as successful at life as everybody else my age seems to be…

Do we all have an idea in our heads about what we imagine our lives to be? Specific criteria, targets for life that determine whether we are successful and of course, therefore, happy?

For me, the day I will achieve “happiness” is the day I am thin, have no money worries, qualify as an accountant, get married and have a family, have a perfect clean and tidy home. Will this make me happy? Probably not, but should I not try to better myself, strive towards my own concept of ideal?

I’ll start on Monday… We have all heard this phrase. It directly follows the moment we lose our internal struggle and give in to that little devil on our shoulder. I can’t count the times I have said this to myself about so many different areas of my life. Every time I think those four little words it feels like another failure, an endless cycle, once again I have given up and let myself down.

Image result for too busy to suceed

I blame being too busy at work for my bad eating habits, a lack of time for putting my studies on hold or not exercising. I justify to myself why, at this specific moment in time, I can’t possibly achieve the expectations I have set for myself, I promise to be better in the future, then I feel disappointed with myself, I critique my life and tell myself I failed to reach my ideal goals so I shouldn’t be happy… my own little vicious circle… all the planning and preparation for a better future but no willpower to sustain the journey.

I have been contemplating a blog for a while, something to help me stay motivated specifically with dieting, but as I’ve started to write my first post, it’s obvious it needs to be much more, it needs to be my own sanctuary, a place where I can focus on my goals and celebrate my mini successes, somewhere I can be brutally honest and be completely myself. This will be my journey to becoming the grown up I always imagined being. No more excuses… I’ll start Tuesday!